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Concerts in Belgium and France2018


Concert in Etalle / Belgium 2015

Concert in Gistel / Belgium 21.08.2014

"Ave Maria" J.-S. Bach - Gounod

"Chervona ruta" V.Ivasiuk

"U doli svoya vesna" V.Ivasiuk, Y.Rybchynsky

"A Toi" Joe Dassin


"Vesniany viter" H. Kanych, S.Petrosian

"Mamyna svitlycia" B.Stelmakh, I.Bilozir

"Vernys iz spohadiv" R.Bratun, V.Ivasuk

"Nyni, nyni" folk song

"Ty, zemle moya" Y.Rybchynsky, O.Osadchy

"Ave Maria" J.S.Bach-F.Gounod

Humanitarian project

A warm welcome, unforgettable impressions and, certainly, lots of friends — that is what lures the members of the chapel to Belgium each August.

Due to close cooperation of "Dzvinha" with the Belgian-Ukrainian societies in the town of Yvoir and the town of Herseaux the chapel has the possibility of helping orphanages and boarding schools in Lviv region.

Each year these societies organize tens of concerts of the chapel in different towns and cities of Belgium and the neighbouring France, numerous charitable actions in support of Ukrainian orphans.

Repairing of premises, replacement of windows and doors, technical furnishing, purchasing of medications, furniture, toys, sports inventory, children’s wear are possible due to charity donations of the audience and hard work of the chapel of bandura players and its Belgian friends.

"Dzvinha" is grateful to all the benefactors of Belgium, France and Ukraine, who have for already many years been changing the life of a lot of Ukrainian children for the better jointly with the chapel.



Mixed-type orphanage "Vyshenka" in the village of Zhovtantsi, Kamyanka-Buzka district, Lviv region

Repairing and furnishing of lavatories, door replacement, window replacement, furnishing of a playground, washing machine, clothes, toys, double-bunk beds (15 items);   Photos

Child Care Centre No. 2 in the city of Lviv

sterilizer, faced tile, door, toys, furniture, rehabilitation armchair, sports equipmentclothes and shoesPhotos

Orphanage "Oriana" in the town of Boryslav, Lviv region

corner sofa, chairs, bedspreads, personal hygiene means, stationery, computer, clothes;  Photos

Orphanage – educational institution for children No. 15 "Prolisok" in the town of Stryi, Lviv region

double-bunk beds (5 items), cots (5 items), washing machine, computer (2 items), microovens (2 items), piano, tables and desks for pupils, personal hygiene means, sterilizer, playground; Photos

Educational institution for children "Vyshenka" in the village of Yosypovychi, Stryi district, Lviv region

corner sofa, crockery, personal hygiene means, TV table, clothes, lawn mower; Photos

Child Care Centre No. 1 in the city of Lviv

electronic scales, clothes, toys;

Lviv Solomiya Krushelnytska Secondary Specialized Music Boarding School

LCD TV sets (2 items), DVD player, dishware, desks (30 items), chairs (130 items), wardrobes (30 items); Photos

Orphanage "Ridnyi Dim" in the village of Sasiv, Zolochiv district

overlocker, guitar, personal hygiene means, summer camp funding 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014; Photos

Orphanage in the village of Lavriv, Staryi Sambir district

bed-linen, summer camp funding 2010;

Special boarding school for deaf children in the town of Zhovkva, Lviv region

repairing and furnishing of lavatory. Photos