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Concerts in Belgium and France2018


Concert in Etalle / Belgium 2015

Concert in Gistel / Belgium 21.08.2014

"Ave Maria" J.-S. Bach - Gounod

"Chervona ruta" V.Ivasiuk

"U doli svoya vesna" V.Ivasiuk, Y.Rybchynsky

"A Toi" Joe Dassin


"Vesniany viter" H. Kanych, S.Petrosian

"Mamyna svitlycia" B.Stelmakh, I.Bilozir

"Vernys iz spohadiv" R.Bratun, V.Ivasuk

"Nyni, nyni" folk song

"Ty, zemle moya" Y.Rybchynsky, O.Osadchy

"Ave Maria" J.S.Bach-F.Gounod


The repertoire of the chapel includes large amount of works of different authors and styles, with different character, content, subjects. Girls are playing not only Ukrainian folk songs and instrumental classics, but also classical works from the world treasury, sacred music and folk songs in modern arrangements as well as instrumental works.

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